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Differences between Private & Independent Schools

The main differences between Canadian Private Schools and Independent Schools are management of school and management of finances.

Private Schools in Canada are understood to be for-profit organizations. Canadian Private Schools are owned and managed by an owner(s) or a corporation. It is that owner or corporation that decides on where funding goes and/or is used. Because each school is privately owned and operated there may be more specific areas where a majority of funding is applied that vary from other Private Schools in Canada.

Independent Schools are understood to be not-for-profit organizations. Independent Schools are led by a a Head of School and overseen by a Board of Directors. School tuition fees are required for the daily operations of the school.

In Canada, depending on the province in which an Independent School is located, they may receive some funding from their provincial government. Oftentimes they are also affiliated with an accrediting body.

95 Independent Schools in Canada are members of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.

Both Canadian Private Schools and Independent Schools are alternatives to Public Schools.

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