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How to Apply

We are excited that you are considering Canadian Accredited Independent Schools and look forward to walking you through the application process.

Before submitting an official application, we recommend touring the schools if possible - this can be done virtually OR in person!  Touring a school is a great way to determine which of the top boarding schools in Canada is the perfect fit for you.
Though the application process can be stressful and intensive, it is also the start of a beautiful, transformative journey into on of the best independent schools in Canada.

Application Process

As you research the top boarding schools in Canada, you will be able to narrow your search based on location, boarding grades, student body, as well as other criteria to find a niche selection of schools from the 29 CAIS boarding schools, that will be a good fit for you. From there, the application process can begin!

All CAIS schools accept applications on an individual basis. This means that there is no one standard CAIS application form; instead, each school has its own unique set of admission requirements to complete. 

CAIS schools have rolling admissions policies for boarding student applicants. This means that they are able to accept applications throughout the year until each school is fully enrolled. 

CAIS schools value diversity and recognize the potential in every student.

Boarding School Application Guidelines:

Rothesay Netherwood School Students

CAIS Boarding Schools

Check out the individual school profiles for more information about their respective application process.

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CAIS Schools Admission and Enrolment Directors:

Canada’s top independent boarding schools have strong, capable, confident leaders in the areas of marketing and enrolment management. Allow us to introduce you to the 29 dynamic leaders of each of the CAIS Boarding School Admissions Teams who would be pleased to assist you as you begin your CAIS journey.