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22.5 Acres

School Profile

At St. Margaret’s School (SMS) , we know girls. We know how to spark their imaginations, cultivate their curiosity, and raise their expectations of themselves.

St. Margaret's School is Vancouver Island’s only girl-centred independent day and boarding school, located in the capital city of Victoria on the scenic west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

At SMS, we are focused entirely on girls' education, development, and well-being. We provide a personalized learning experience in an environment where students can be daring, gain confidence and discover their passions. Our student-directed programs equip students with the knowledge, attitudes, and courage to thrive in their studies, careers, and life.

We recognize that learning occurs at different times and in different ways. Our learning environment respects our students' diversity and supports each students’ development. If a student is excelling, she will be provided with opportunities to stretch herself further.  If a student is struggling, she will receive added support.  Our teachers consider the best approach for each student and address her learning needs together through personalized learning plans. We challenge each student to improve her performance, exceed her expectations, and realize her potential.

St Margaret’s School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) School offering the Diploma Program. The IB Diploma is a well recognised educational qualification which embodies a holistic educational philosophy. The Diploma Program is designed to provide broad discipline engagements and diverse intellectual challenges, preparing students to create and take advantage of living and working opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Experiential programs offer meaningful opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and see the value of what they learn in class. Learning this way is less fragmented and takes place authentically through social, physical, or academic exploration and trial and error. Students can see how subjects are interconnected and develop skills and attitudes that could never be taught in a classroom.

Vancouver Island and the City of Victoria contribute significantly to the unique learning environment at SMS. Our school is in a safe, quiet neighbourhood, only minutes from downtown Victoria. Learning experiences extend well beyond our campus; our community is safe, our surroundings are beautiful, recreational activities are possible year-round, and world-class cultural and natural attractions are at our doorstep.

Mission & Values


Confident Learners. Inspiring Leaders. Creating a Thriving World.


St. Margaret's School is a caring, inclusive community where students are challenged to pursue personal and academic excellence, use their voices and enact change.

Our Values:


We are a forward-leaning school that takes courageous action in girl-centered education, creating a culture that embraces integrity and resilience.


We are a community where everyone belongs.  We foster authentic relationships built through individual and collective wisdom. We value diversity, a connection with nature and a commitment to service.


We are global citizens, who respect the perspectives of others and take action using empathy, compassion and an ethic of care. We recognize each student’s unique learning journey, creating pathways for success. 


We are learners who think deeply, creatively, and rationally.  We illuminate injustices, innovate and challenge the status quo.  


We are risk takers who challenge ourselves and hold each other accountable to continually improve and achieve personal excellence in academics and development of the whole self. 

Applications & Fees

Application Deadline:


Application Fee

$250.00 CND

Domestic 7-Day Boarding Tuition:

$61,152.00 - $67,366.00 CND

International 7-Day Boarding Tuition:

$74,006.00 CND

Day Tuition:

$25,621.00 - $29,621.00 CND

Semester or Term:


Need-Based Aid:


Merit Scholarships:


Payment Plans:


Photo Gallery

St Margaret's School Students
St Margaret's School Dock
St Margaret's School Garden
St Margaret's School Dorm
St Margaret's School Campus
St Margaret's School Students

Admission & Entrance Test Requirements

Admission Requirements
  • A final report card for the 2022/2023 school year
  • A most recent report card for the current school year, 2023/2024
  • An Academic Reference completed by a current teacher
  • A copy of the student’s passport and birth certificate
  • A photo of the applicant
  • Interview
Entrance Test Requirements
  • Teacher Assessment

School Differentiators

-Only girl-centred school on Vancouver Island
-Only girl-centred boarding school on Canada's Pacific West Coast
- First girl-centred STEM school in Canada
- Small school benefits: safe, supportive, high engagement
- Focus on university preparation in Grade 11 and 12 - students begin to make choices and take courses that are tied to future goals
- Personalized learning tailored to individual’s strengths, challenges, and interests
- Flexible and dynamic scheduling to support differentiated learning needs
- Emphasis on teamwork, problem solving, and self-efficacy.
- Promotion of cross-cultural understanding
- Intentional leadership development
- Emphasis on digital literacy and citizenship
- Outdoor Experiential Education Week at Strathcona Provincial Park
- Inclusive athletics program - develop new interests and skills, or refine and focus on high level athletic experiences
- Real-world experiences through a wide range of extra-curricular clubs, field trips, exchange programs and travel opportunities


International Baccalaureate


Top Post-secondary Destinations

  • University of Victoria
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Toronto (several campuses)
  • Mt. Allison University
  • McGill University
  • Capilano University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Western University
  • Dalhousie University
  • Simon Fraser University


  • Canadian Accredited Independent Schools
  • Independent Schools Association of British Columbia
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Federation of Independent Schools Association British Columbia
  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • BC Inspector of Independent Schools
  • International Coalition of Girls Schools

Community Service & Trips

Motto: Servite in Caritate, “Service with Love”

  • Outdoor Experiential Education Week at Strathcona Provincial Park
  • Europe or Service Focused Spring Break Trip
  • Ski Trips
  • Cultural Exchanges (Japan/Chile)

Summer Programs

Wellness Independence Leadership Diversity (W.I.L.D.)

Girls entering grades 7-11 will spend between two and four weeks on our breathtaking 22-acre campus for an experience of unity, celebration and empowerment. As part of the St. Margaret School's signature W.I.L.D. program, students will engage in activities that emphasize building a positive self-image, fostering healthy relationships with others, team building, skill development, and much more. Participants will stay in our boarding facilities, eating meals in the dining hall, and engaging in fun off-campus activities.

Includes an English Language Learning option.

Visit for more details including session dates and rates.



Senior School (Grades 9 - 10)

Grades 9 and 10 students participate in the SPARK interdisciplinary program in which cross curricular, experiential learning experiences are collaboratively designed by teachers in two or three subject areas.

  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Language (French, Japanese or ELL Support)
  • ADST - Applied Design Skills and Technology (photography, woodworking)
  • Leadership
  • Careers
  • Grade 9 electives - musical theatre of visual arts.
  • Grade 10 electives - musical theatre, visual arts, engineering, marketing and promotions and culinary art.

Grade 11 - 12

Grade 11 and 12 students participate in the IB Diploma Programme - a two year cohesive and comprehensive program that creates the learning conditions for students to thrive personally, socially and academically.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Grade 11 - 12)

The IB Diploma is a well recognised educational qualification which embodies a holistic educational philosophy. The Diploma Program is designed to provide broad discipline engagements and diverse intellectual challenges, preparing students to create and take advantage of living and working opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Students study six subjects over the18 month program, including English, mathematics, a science, a second language and a humanities subject along with 3 CORE elements including the Theory of Knowledge course, an Extended Essay and the Creativity, Action and Service program.

2023-2024 SMS IB Subject Availability (offerings reconsidered per cohort year)

Studies in Language and Literature:

  • Language and Literature - English
  • Literature - School Supported Self-Taught

Language acquisition:

  • French B
  • ab Initio French
  • ab Initio Japanese

Individuals and Societies:

  • Global Politics
  • Environmental Systems and Societies


  • Biology
  •  Chemistry


Interscholastic Sports
  • Aquatics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross-country
  • Rowing
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
Clubs & Organizations
  • Area Captains
  • Art
  • Band
  • Boarding Council
  • Choir
  • Creative Writing
  • DEI
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Debate/Scholars Cup
  • Glee Club
  • GSA
  • Homework
  • Math
  • Model UN
  • Outreach
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Robotics
  • Tennis
  • STEM
  • Student Council
  • Wellness


  • Access to off campus pool
  • Basketball Court(s)
  • Dance Studio
  • Indoor Basketball Court(s)
  • Racquetball Court(s)
  • Soccer and sports fields
  • Volleyball court(s)
  • Weight Room
  • Fitness Centre
  • Technology Centre
  • Tennis Courts
  • Dorm Amenities
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Health Centre
  • Kitchen
  • Maximum of 2 students per room
  • Piano
  • Student Life Centre
  • Weekday and weekend planned activities
  • Boarding Lounge
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Wireless Internet
  • Woodworking and Design Lab
  • Media Lab
  • Explorations Studio