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CAIS National Leaders Conference

Our schools are dynamic institutions. And every day, thousands of professionals, many behind the scenes, are working to challenge the status quo. They are working to ensure that our schools can equip students to tackle society's most enduring challenges. And through their participation, it is clear that nothing in our schools happens in isolation. Every successful initiative arises through strategic collaboration between all parties. Our operations team allows our academic environment to remain strong; from selecting high quality students to affirming their support after graduation.

But as we move forward, there are a number of questions we must address. How can we effectively market our competitive advantage? How do we know promising students when we see them? With so many competing interests, how do we successfully encourage families to support our school's mission? The National Leaders Conference 2018 promises to enrich the operational mandate and capabilities of our schools to ultimately strengthen the educational program we deliver.

The third annual National Leaders Conference will welcome CAIS Operational Leaders and will focus on developing collaboration within and across national networks. The conference sessions will consider what it means to practice a business function within the context of a not for-profit, school setting as we work to increase the strength and ensure the sustainability of CAIS Schools. Attendees will participate in a range of sessions featuring discussion and networking. The NLC Planning Committee members are working diligently to gather input from within each network to make this a truly useful and memorable experience.

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