Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS), is an association of Canada’s best independent schools that meet the highest international standards of educational excellence.  All of our schools undergo a rigorous CAIS National Standards accreditation process. This process is recognized by the NAIS Commission on Accreditation and ensures that all accredited schools are pursuing best practices in every major area of program and operation. 

In fact, out of the thousands of private and independent day and boarding schools in Canada, only 27 Boarding Schools meet the 12 CAIS National Standards and have earned accreditation.

Why Choose A CAIS Boarding School For Your Child? 

  • You want your child to experience new opportunities in a safe environment
  • You want your child to be among the 99% of CAIS Boarding School graduates that attend one of the top universities in Canada and around the world
  • You want a culture that is welcoming, especially if your child is from another part of the country or world
  • You want an education that is strong and driven by the 21st century tenets of innovation, technology, globalism, and creativity 
  • Above all, you want your child to attend a world-class school that provides excellent preparation for success in university and life

The Case For CAIS

The following facts are what elevate CAIS Boarding Schools above all other secondary options in Canada:

Every CAIS Boarding School is not-for-profit, which means they are different from ‘private’ or ‘charter’ schools. CAIS Schools are board governed, provincially licensed schools that manage their operations primarily through tuition and fundraising. There are no commercial interests attached to these schools.

All CAIS Boarding schools provide a Canadian residential experience. In CAIS Schools, students live with many Canadian students who can speak English and help to teach the culture and highlights of Canada. They are different from public-school home-stay programs where the quality of the education and homes cannot be guaranteed.

All CAIS Boarding schools are university preparatory schools. Graduates attend the best universities in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

All CAIS Boarding schools provide a 24/7 learning environment. All students are well supervised and participate in exciting programs in the evenings and on weekends.